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Thread: Youth crossbow help?

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    Default Youth crossbow help?

    My 6 year old (soon to be 7) wants his own crossbow.
    Did a quick search.

    Anyone have info, suggestions on
    Barnett Recruit?

    Or any others.
    Not looking to break the bank.
    Gotta be lighter and have short or adjusted stock.


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    Of course your going to keep it away from him and load it ,and fully supervise him when he pulls the trigger!he could loose a finger if he's not careful!
    When my daughter was 6 she wanted a crossbow as well,
    And that was good,because I had to buy another one for me,er..I meen her,she wanted a "nerf"one from toyworld,but told her a Excalibur matrix would be better...
    She could hardly shoulder it,so I let her pull the trigger on it after I loaded it and had it set up on a bi-pod
    I then borrowed it off her and went hunting.....
    Excalibur has a youth xbow but probably more a ten year old would be able to comfortable shoulder it.
    There are some ball bearing and darts fireing small compound crossbows that few brands from China make ,that a young child ,under supervision
    Could have fun target shooting with,
    I use to shot air rifles when I was seven,and had a fiberglass bow and arrow set.I would shoot pigions
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