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Thread: Barnett Commando Crossbow Appraisal

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    Question Barnett Commando Crossbow Appraisal

    Hi there, I have a Barnett Commando crossbow I'm trying to sell, and wanted see if I could get some advice on the price. I've already done some research and found that they can go anywhere from $300 to $800 as there were only a few made. This has the original scope, 2 prods, one 220lb, and one 175lb. All in good condition. What do you all think?

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    Hi there,the 220lb limb is pretty rare!.
    In fact you have a real gem!
    I've read some were even used in the Bosnian war!
    Some people would pay top dollar for that!
    I've been looking for a 220lb prod for years!
    But I recound if You keep it all together,Someone
    Who really wants it ,would pay even $1000!
    To a collector it's worth it,they are hard to find!
    About a year ago I would have offered you a thousand
    Australian dollars for it!
    But I can't afford to spend that much for lest another six Months!
    lol,that's if you even wanted to sell it to a foreigner!
    Advertise it on the crossbow sights and don't let eney one say it's
    Crap and only worth few hundred,with the 220,prod/limb,it's as rare as
    A truthful politician!
    And worth $800 U.S ,probably more!

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