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Thread: Barnett Commando II Compound

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    Default Barnett Commando II Compound

    Recently got my hands on a vintage Barnett Commando II Compound in great condition. Had to get it shipped from Greece to me in the Netherlands, but it arrived!
    Regrettably it suffered some damage to the analog scope adjuster, so I had to fix it.

    Maybe interesting to know: this one uses the teardrop system with a 16" string, not the 20" one.

    Still interested to know how I could get my hands on replacement limbs when I ever need them.
    Aren't there specialists who can custom-make compound limbs?

    2017-03-24 18.24.12&.jpg

    2017-03-24 18.23.31&.jpg

    2017-03-24 18.22.58&.jpg

    2017-03-24 18.23.20&.jpg

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    I don't know much about compound crossbows Paul, but that looks like a great specimen to me. Congratulations.
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