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Thread: flat nocks verses moon nocks in an excalibur grizzly

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    Default flat nocks verses moon nocks in an excalibur grizzly

    do you have to use flat nocks or can I use half moon in my grizzly. I have all the arrow building equipment and was thinking of cutting down my 2219 or 2216 and shootin those? and thankyou for your answers , Im new to this game.

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    you can shoot both from the grizzy i would assume.
    it shouldnt be fussy with arrows,beening a recurve
    thats not a high draw weight or speed.
    moon nocks,you have to watch serving string size
    and the nock are not loose.and right up agents the claws
    of course.ive fired flat nocks,moonnocks,18 inch to 24 inch arrows
    out of my high powered recurves with out to many dramas!
    read around and get as mutch different addvice.see the common answer..
    others may say only use flat.ive use both.
    inspect each arrow and nock before.your a archery allready so you'll
    going to love that grizzy!the reason excal say use not sure their statement why.

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