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Thread: All fair in love@war

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    Jul 2014


    Well,it's started,just then on main stream Australian ABC television news,
    ISIS have attacked ...IRAN,Iran's parliament was attacked by Isis,as I type hostages are held
    Few killed and many injuries,
    Now I guess now Isis have moved into Iran
    America,along with Australia British,Israel,Saudi Arabia's
    Surpport,will have to start bombing Iran soon,to get at Isis...
    Starting to see something wrong with this picture?
    Iran and Syria do not fund Isis,Saudi Arabia and Israel do,
    American allies,as Trumps little visit showed,
    Just posting this because why would Isis attack Iran,
    "Experts"from USA,say Iran are funding and SURPPORTING Isis,
    But as every one should know Syria are fighting ISIS,
    So who's bullshitting who?
    Iran will be getting bombed down the track.....ISIS are paid Scum,sent into these
    Places to cause havoc,so America ect can bomb the countries
    That Isis are attacking in the middle east,on behalf of Israel and Saudi Arabia,
    Pretty low and dirty trick!but seems to be working!
    Yes,ISIS are terror attacking Iran's parliament!
    If,IF America start bombing "Isis"in Iran,
    You can bet your bottom dollar RUSSIA will,well,you know what!
    Fight America in the middle east?
    Or start bombing Isis in Iran as well?
    Oh well,though I'll just post it here,
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    I and many others,and I'm truely shocked there isn't a huge up roar in America about how Trumps is selling billions of dollars worth of American weapons to SAUDI Arabia,those weapons will go into Terrorist possession,ISIS,will be attacking Iran with American weapons,ISIS the same"change of name"terrorist YOUR and my military has died and come home crippled for fighting in Afghanistan ect,
    Syrian military are fighting agents ISIS,AMERICA are attacking The Syrian military, forces in Syria,
    When will the American public WAKE UP
    Do you understand what trumps public statement about the recent Isis attack on Iran means?
    He said eney one who funds Isis will be attacked by them?WTF,that's just ludicrous!so dose that meen England France ect are funding them as well since they apear to have been attacked by Isis?
    Did you know the other day the Australian soccer team had a match with a Saudi Arabia soccer team here in Australia,it's all over the news,they gave a minute silence for the Australian victims of the terrorists attacks,
    The Australian team the "Socceroos"all stood in line ,every one in the grandstands stood up,many with their hands over their hearts,
    In total disrespect the Saudis tied their shoelaces,bent over touching their toes and "warming up"doing starjumps,totally disrespecting the few minutes silence before the game,they said"it's not a part of their culture to give a minute silence,
    But the same team a while ago did just that to a soccer player who died in a plane crash,the Saudi team lined up and gave a minute silence,
    Eney way the Socceroos went on to kick their ass ,and we won the game!
    So pack your bags and #@$!off back to the country that most of the 9/11 highjackers came from,the REAL(No it's not Iran)the real biggest "funders"of terror are the Saudis,and your "presidents"just went over there and kissed their ass!and is attacking Assad ,who is fighting ISIS!
    What the he'll are these people doing???
    Why are more not yelling up agents all these lies,?
    It could get totally out of control soon,
    You all should have started yelling up earlier.!
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    Saudis are over in Indonesia,trying to make the Muslims over there all Isis terrorist!TRUE!
    The Saudis are there pumping money in and wait and see,you will hear more and more on the news about Isis now getting establish in Indonesia!
    There running amok in the Philippines at the momant,eney America reading this,you fellas really do need to somehow protest or speak up on social media about what Trump,President Trump has dun over in Saudi Arabia lately!
    So when Isis in Indonesia,not far from Australia,starts getting Isis terrorist attacks ect,if the Isis attackers have weapons suppyed by Saudi Arabia,...who just did a billion dollars arms deal with Trump!
    Well ,what can I say?
    Well,I could say Trumps helping to supply terrorist!
    Just on the MORAL GROUND most of the 9/11 terrorist were from Saudi Arabia
    You would think he would make Americas proud by telling the Saudis where to go!
    Not to mention how Saudi Arabia is bombing the poorest country in the middle east
    Yemen,it's real bad over there at the moment,
    Australia and America don't need the likes of Saudi Arabia as "allies"
    that a for sure!the public gets lied to by our own goverements about what's really happening in the middle east is not funny!

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    And of course Saudi Arabia and Israel are allies!
    Did you know those two Countries governments are REFUSING aid to be sent into YEMEN,not just their own countries aid agencies but all other places aid agencies as well!
    where right now Saudi .Arabia are bombing and there is a deadly disease outbreak that's killing huge amounts of children?
    dose eney one even care?
    You bet! Who cares wins!
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    These W54,very small nuclear explosives,and the explosions at the Japanese Nuclear power station,
    Three or more reactors melted through ,out ect,a spent fuel pool with spent mox fuel rods was vaporized into the air
    In theory it that pool with its rods would have released as much radioactive fallout in the air as 30,000 Hiroshima sized nuclear weapons
    NOW,it's alleged,Saudi Arabia,along with ISRAEL,and working with the Bush administration,used mini nukes to drop the two world trade center buildings ,
    The third,world trade center 7 with demolition explosives,all to get the public behind the "war on terror"to get to the stage we are at now,USA claiming to be fighting Isis,but in Syria where Assad is fighting agents ISIS,USA military are attacking Assad,
    Saudi Arabia funds Isis,and so do Israel,no matter what you read this is what is realtime going on
    Now back to Japan,
    Many years ago,I got given a VHS recording ,well before it was posted on goggle,in fact before one could goggle
    Whatever they wanted on the internet!
    So I can at lest say the one on u tube is not a clever fake made sometime after the internet or year 2000AD or something like that
    If you have not watched it I strongly suggest you take 1 1/2 hours out of your time and watch it,it's important you watch the hole video
    And listen VERY closely to what he says,
    At first,one would say"off course he's going to say those things,he was in the industry itself,all pro nuclear"
    ,BUT,there are things that if your a thinker,really do tie into things,
    Like how it's impossible for a nuclear power station to have a "nuclear explosion"because it's true,they can't
    And now alleged intelligence is saying Fukushima was sabotage by mossad,who under a cover of a contract company who had a contract at the power station installed a computer virus and small w54 explosives made to look like large cameras,the Japan government is beening blackmailed,
    Now,all so there is no such thing as nuclear waste,
    What I meen is the spent fuel pools are not waste or spent,each rod is worth millions,if not billions!and can be used,and once use are pretty much harmless,"so they don't steel the INVENTORY...
    "They who controlled the gold make the rules"
    If your not a follower of all the different proppergander,media lies,truths,"conspiracy theories"ect
    You may not see how the video I'm suggesting to watch ties in to many things,but,it dose,
    Vaccinations have toxic metal in it,that could cause cancer,you handle lead stinkers when fishing,wash hands after,and as long as you don't suck on a lead sinker in your mouth every day,handeling lead like that's seen as pretty safe
    Lead use to be uranium millions of years ago,eneyway,
    The video is called
    ,you really have to pay attention and listen very closely to the hole video,it go's for a while,
    But if your a thinker,will give you something to think about,
    Like why isn't everyone in Japan riddled with cancer or there not all dead yet
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    The very man who designed reactors,is saying it's impossible for a reactor to exploded,like a small nuclear explosion,hydrogen gas build up can case small explosion,
    But no destroying the many feet thick concrete walls and thick steel containment vessels,
    If a 9.0 Earthquake hit Japan on March 11th,all of mainland Japan would have been completely destroyed,
    Where the center of the earthquake was ,out to sea,I've read many reports it still would have effected the land,but when the wave comes in,try find footage of eney serious quake damage on the coast line,there were not even broken windows,
    Japan gets 5-6.0 quakes all the time,and that quake was only 5-6 at most,
    Small w-54's were detonated on the bed of the coast,caused the wave ,that hit the power station,a computer virus,first of designed by mossad to take out systems in reactors for a Iran reactor,was installed by a Israel security company that had a security contract at the power station,made to look like security cameras,small w,54 explosives were put in the reactors buildings,the same type of w,54's that were used to melt the support beams of the world trade center,
    At the japanese power plant,they were inriching uranium for Iran
    The destruction was sabotage,Japanese government is under nuclear blackmail
    The stolen w54,giveing to Israel by the Bush administration,small yield nuclear weapons"mini nukes"have about a 20-30 year shelf life,before they are no longer weapons grade,
    All so there is a complete lie that's been told that spent fuel in containment pools is WASTE,slowly cooling down before getting buryed somewhere as waste,it's spair fuel,totally reuseable,
    Here in south Australia they are going to bring the words spent fuel rods,to be "'re recycled"in one rod reactors,that are safe,can't"explode"and don't have"spent fuel pools,it's a decade away at lest,before it's set up.
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    So the old "nuke scare scam"video,
    And The secret intelligence leak,with the information
    Of small W54 nuclear explosives,given to Israel and
    Saudi Arabia by the Bush Administration,used on the twin towers,
    And the information about Mossad sabotage
    At the japanese nuclear power stations
    All tie into each other,....if it's true

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