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Thread: All fair in love@war

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    But all fair in love @ war
    Trump,you like your WWF Wrestling,Putin likes his Judo
    Why don't you two have a cage match!
    Like what that actor ,solider said in the once banned anti WAR movie,
    The original "all quite on the western front"
    "When there's are war,all the politicians should fight it out in a field with clubs,
    Best man wins
    But you and Putin won't be on a frount line,or in a common family home haveing dinner with family and friends
    Yous will be in a extremely luxurious shopping mall size deep underground bunker!
    Wouldn't expect you to fight it out like a man,more like a mass murdering psychopath

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    Quote Originally Posted by bunyip slayer View Post
    did eney one see this tweet?is it real?
    Donald j trump:
    We begin bombing in five minutes.
    This will be YUGE!@RUSSIA@CHINA@North Korea
    #world war3
    12:21pm-07 JUL 2017

    mmmmmmmm,Trump!your a #%&$ idiot!
    But that tweet could just be fake satire....

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    Lots of things are just made up satire,
    Take Jewish holocaust denial,
    A mate of mine gave me a USB to borrow that had a documentary
    On it that showed the German murder of 6 million Jews in world war two
    Is not correct,
    One of the things they showed on the video as evidence it didn't
    Happen was a wall where thousands of Jews were alleged to
    Have been shot,the same wall there today,but not a single bullet hole on the wall
    So that's proff it didn't happen,
    I said to my mate,after thinking about it for about 1 second,and said
    At the time they would have piled sand bags in front of the wall,and made
    The prisoners stand in frount of each other in rows of three or more,and a rifle bullet
    Would go through them then stop in side the sand bags.
    My mate didnt say nothing for few minutes then said"I didn't think of that"
    I then told he a quote from a old book,and the death figures are correct in it
    "You must understand.The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians.
    They hated Russians.
    They Hated Christians.
    Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians
    Without a shread of human remorse
    More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands
    Then any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history
    It cannot be overstated
    Bolshevism committed the greatest slaughter of all time.
    The fact that most of the world is
    IGNORANT AND UNCAREING about this enormous crime
    Is proof that the GLOBAL MEDIA is in the hands of its perpetrators"
    Over SIXTY MILLION Russians were Genocided,

    Who was told that at school,?
    Who at school was told about the Holocaust,Genocide
    Did you EVER think FOR YOURSELF and ask why no Russian or ARMENIAN
    Holocaust memorial museums are not allover our country's?
    Russia was our allies in world war two,
    Eney way my point is this,
    If people go one about Russian war crimes happening TODAY,IN OUR CURRENT TIME
    why do the Russians not bring up THEIR GENOCIDE?
    GOVERNMENT ,they are called anti Semite and the Israel proppergander bring up the Jewish Holocaust
    In the secound world war?
    As a scapegoat excuse,the WAR CRIMES OF TODAY,must be addressed,what OUR OWN Government and our ALLIES Government are /have committed,otherwise they have turned into the very thing we as a people tell or are told we are fighting agents!

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    A lot of people have a hard time wrapping their brains around something,even in theory,
    Probably because it's to hard for them to "see it"or visualization it in their minds,
    We,see our political parties as usually two opposing sides,take Hillary and Trump over in America
    And take what I'm saying as "satire"or a non reality "conspiracy theory"if you so wish,
    But it's just a simple trick to make the voters think they had a choice,what I meen is no matter if Hillary or trump got in"charge"the overseas foreign policy would and is remaining the same,
    That's because before the first world war,a plan for three major world wars was designed,
    It's really not that hard to believe,if you have a opened mind,
    I started this weird thread well over a year ago for a reason,
    Not because I have read a few conspiracy magazines,
    And if you are awear of what's happening around the world now,not just your own countries government ,media views but all together,it's in a way a false reality of the leadership "behinds the curtains"they control our political system and it's leaders,
    Apart from all the pros and cons,proppergander,theory and alleged facts,who's attacking and who's defending,,we have never in history been so close to a "third world war"
    Our FABIAN WAR MODEL society is designed for war it's what our economy runs on
    The CIA is not a USA "thing"it's headquarters is in Switzerland,but has chapters in Russia(KGB)England(MI6-5)Australia(A.S.I.S,AUSTRALIA secret intelligence service)
    Israel(I.S.I.S,Israel secret intelligence service,Mossad)and gose under different names in different
    The CIA isn't so much a spy agency,it's job is to keep us all feed bullshit!
    For the WARS that were already planned before they even start,
    They fund both sides in wars,they create battle fields to keep the WARS going,
    The military industrial complex,the central bankers,the large corporate corporations
    They are not run by government or politics,in reality,ITS THE OTHER WAY AROUND!
    But all of them the CIA,ect are not at the top of the pyramid,
    But ,eneyway,the hole point of my rants is simple,
    I just wanted to on some form of social media,try and just say with %100 honestly
    What it basically said in a original hand written letter did by a past relative of mine on my Fathers
    Side who was in British Politics back in the first world war
    My late grandfather let me read them over 35 years ago,
    There was,is a pre plan for three world wars,that were planned before the first
    And after the massive propper gander war comeing from the States about their last election
    And the war in Syria mostly got me to the stage to think it must be %100 true what I read.
    Eney way,hope that information some how helps.
    Don't know how tho,because it's all not real good news really!
    Depends where about you live on the world I guess,
    But whatever the reasons ,the fact is war is happening right now
    I see very little anti WAR PROTEST or eneything
    As a member of the Coefficients once said
    "There will only be a end to war,if the people themselves refuse to go to war"

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    If you look on"Wikipedia"
    Coefficients dining club"
    It's says it was started in 1902 by Sidney and Beatrice Webb
    Has a list of some of its members,some were in the BRITISH Government,
    Such as Lord Richard.H,who was the war minster,and others who WERE NOT MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT,such as Alfred Milner,Lord Nathaniel ROTHSCHILD
    These people among others were the ones who really controlled the BRITISH Government
    In the first world war.
    A SULTAN of TURKEY was involved as well,
    Like lambs to the slaughter,
    "The history of the first world war is a deliberately concocted LIE
    there is a book called:Hidden History,the secret Origins of the first world war
    The facts in the book don't cover everything but I for one can vouch about
    Lord H,for he's a distant relative of mine on my Fathers side,
    Nothing has changed today
    The council of foreign relations in America
    Are more your government then the politicians you see and hear in Washington,
    To vote for Hillary or trump and the American elections before that and before is a con to make the public think they have a choice,but what's important is the overseas policy remains the same,
    And it's Washington,Pentagon overseas policy that will bring war to your shores,and keep sending your sons and daughters to foreign shores.
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    Goggle this:
    Nuclear 9/11 Revealed/Convert Geopolitics
    Convert Geopolitics>co>vital-issues>n...

    The control of the mainstream media is the key,in all countries for this massive
    World wide "shadow government"cover up
    The fact it's not on every major front page newspaper and television news is not because it's not true
    It's because the media and the leading politicians are mostly controlled by the same,
    Sad,but very true
    It really is

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    And I'm amazed at looking on other forums in the off topic part,ie:Archery talk off topic,
    How full grow men who must be of reasonable intelligence,
    Don't seem to understand that skyscrapers can not fall free fall without demolition,
    Especially one that was NOT hit by a plane,fires from jet fuel can not melt steel beams,ect
    People who were there and saw it with their own eyes,firesfighters herd the explosions,
    Filmed building seven getting demolitioned,the list goes on and on
    But men from that very country that was attacked by a traitor and a overseas foreign power
    Go on a forum to REPEAT the lies of the proppergander controlled mainstream media
    It's a insult,to intelligence,and they are just as much to blame as a reporter from a major newspapers who dosent and can't except the truth
    And a new president who is keeping his mouth shut,and prefers to tweet his bullshit
    If eney one thinks 9/11was not a "inside job"I strongly suggest you STOP lieing to yourself and pull your self into reality
    My primeminster knows,your President knows,they all bloody do
    The level of corruption is unbelievable,
    It's not told as facts in universities ,on mainstream media,or newspapers because they are controlled,
    How can eney one have the attitude the official government version is real after the amount of evidence that's on the free to air non,mainstream media and the thousands of experts who put their jobs and some even their lives on the line to point out simple facts and truths,and some can't even raise a eyebrow of suspicion and ask a few simple quistions
    The level of corruption may be unbelievable but eney one in the field of engineers,demolition,scrap metal removal,investigation,explosives,fire fighting
    Ex,Government intelligence,ect,ect
    The buildings in New York on September eleventh were destroyed by explosives, by inside and overseas CORRUPT government and secret service personnel.
    But that's a hard pill for some to swallow it seems
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