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Thread: Tenpoint Venom SDS+Bowjax, need some help :|

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    Question Tenpoint Venom SDS+Bowjax, need some help :|

    Hi, i just purchased a new Tenpoint Venom and installed the Bowjax and SDS on it.

    First Question would be, how many Bowjax should i install in combination with the SDS.
    Two of them fit, but on some pictures of other similar Tenpoint's i see that they only have one installed.
    Second, the SDS is a little big too long for the venom and is barely fitting, im ok with that if it
    doesnt affect anything.

    What i also noticed is that when i put the riser on the barrel (it slided in just nicely),
    there is a little roomplay if you dont tighten the main-screw.
    I tried to capture it on video, which i uploaded here:

    You can see in the last three seconds that there is a bit movement.
    If i tighten the main-screw afterwards, its comepletely steady.
    Is this normal on Tenpoint's? Or should there be zero room-play at all?
    I dont want to have bought a little faulty bow.

    Also the VIBRA-CUSH is sticking a bit out to the top, as on the photos i made here:

    If the barrel or something is a bit distorted it would explain the room-play and the unfitting VIBRA-CUSH, but if thats totally normal i would be fine with it.
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