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Thread: what crossbow should I buy? Hori-zone Penetrator or the Mankung 380?

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    Default what crossbow should I buy? Hori-zone Penetrator or the Mankung 380?

    I've been looking to buy a crossbow for sometime now and I am stuck between two crossbows, the hori-zone penetrator and the MK-380. What should I get?
    I've researched both to an extent and I can't make up my mind - the hori-zone is lighter, smaller, apparently a better build quality but I've heard that the MK-380 is also of a very good build quality but is bigger and heavier, higher fps, comes with string dampeners fitted and some accessories (sling and rail lubricant. I've also heard that the MK-380 is just a copy of the velocity archery raven, however it's stated on that Mankung manufacture the same crossbow for velocity archery.
    The MK-380 does look more sturdy than the Hori-zone from the photographs I've seen - but i've never seen either in person.

    any help making up my mind would be greatly appreciated


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    Hey! Welcome to the forum! Best advice I can give is, if it's possible, shoot them both and then decide.
    Jack ><>
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    Hi thank you very much I'll see if I can give either a try out

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    Welcome to the forum Kieran.

    You buy what feels best in your hands and against your shoulder. It's going to spend a lot of time in both places.
    Joe T.
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    Having chance to inspect a few hori-zones today this is my initial impressions compared to the higher end MK`s / poelang and a few lower end things.

    First thoughts on the compounds (penetrator and stealth)
    Both look nice bows. Personally not super keen on the camo stickers on the penetrator but a bit of picking and glue removal and it will be a nice looking bow. The stealth has a decent camo dip .

    Risers are cast ally and very light weight . Compared with Mk 350-400 and PL Titans the risers on the Hori-zone look a lot cheaper as they are cast and painted rather than cnc and anodised.
    Stocks feel decent enough quality but not as nice as ether better MK`s or the higher end poelang stuff (titan etc) .
    The action and scope rail do not look as well finished on the hori-zone bows as they are all painted rather than anodised so while they look fine they just don`t look as refined.

    I`d say Hori-zone quality is more like the mk-250 and abs PL Jaguars but obviously you get a decent bit more power from the hori-zone bows.

    I have not had chance to shoot any Hori-zones yet but I doubt performance will be any issue .not seen any moans from owners who have bought under the sa sports branded ones and there must be plenty floating about .

    The way I would choose between a hori-zone compound and an MK 380 etc would come down to which is the most important aspect. Weight or build quality.
    For weight the hori-zone is a clear winner for build quality and finish the MK`s or Titans have them beaten by a decent margin. But you pay for that with more weight.

    Rage vs poelang jaguar

    Build quality looks fairly equal and they are both quite closely priced so its pretty much a draw in that respect.
    As a kit the Rage comes with a scope where the jaguar comes with a red dot . Only you can choose which wins as they both have + and - depending on your tastes . For me its slightly irrelevant as I generally bin the package scope in favour of something better( that goes with any package scope as they are generally mediocre but up to their purpose)

    Size. The Rage is a clear winner . Its tiny .
    Weight. Not a deal in it but being shorter the Hori-zone feels better balanced so it wins again

    Re stringing. The rage while you probably could struggle to diy swap a string with 2 people (maybe) it really looks like a bow press job . The jaguar is fairly straight forward to hand string so that has to win this one.

    A plus side to the rage is the limb can be mounted to the bow while its strung so thats a real bonus if you want to break it down for transport .

    If your split between a rage and a jaguar your only question must be do I have a bow press ? If the answer is yes I would go with the Hori-zone as it feels like a dinky little toy .

    When I get enough time I will try and shoot both the stealth and the rage (not so much interested in the penetrator)
    Out of all of them I will be adding a rage to my collection . I have quite a few compound bows (mk-250, mk-350, titan, and Barnett vengeance) If I was to chose another compound I would go with the mk-400 over a hori-zone as its better made and looks (to me) much nicer with the Barret 50 cal style but as performance differences between the 400 and my titan is miniscule I`ll probably not bother with any new compound unless I kill one.

    Hope thats of some use to Kieran and any one else not knowing which way to go.
    When I get a proper play with a rage I will pull the action out and have a look at the trigger to see how it compares to it`s competition.

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    I'm a beginner to intermediate hunter whose Horton HD was stolen a few years back. I am now ready to get back in, and I am hemming and hawing between the Quad s for $320 and the Black Raptor FX2 Deluxe Package for $290. It seems like the main differences are that the Raptor is a little smaller and lighter, easier to maneuvre in brush, but it shoots slower by 20 fps, which I think makes the Quad more accurate at distances. Do I have it about right? I don't have access to a place to get my hands on these bows, so I am going to buy sight unseen online. I would go with the Raptor without question, expect that slower FPS gives me pause. Any suggestions on this?

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