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Thread: New UK Member - Help!

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    Some thoughts for you, i used to shoot competition 15 years ago in GNAS/FITA target and NFAS field archery.

    Already stated, Archery GB (what was GNAS) don't like x-bow although they have a class for it, this is mostly down to people wanting to use hunting compounds and the local clubs don't want anything to do with them. Power output and all round bad rep of x-bows. At basic club level hardly any clubs have any clue as to the actual output of a x-bow or that you put a low power prod on for indoor shooting.

    Target x-bow is centered around the midlands (Birmingham area) very few clubs outside that area will allow it.

    NFAS have increased the power output to a flat level of 300fps max arrow speed, however only recurves can be used and no cocking aids, as the NFAS forum is closed (members only) it's hard to chat with anyone.

    Avoid x-bow on UK target forums, you will most likely get flamed.

    Never ever EVER mention hunting with a x-bow on any UK based archery forum YOU WILL GET FLAMED.
    There is a dedicated UK society for hunting with an open forum and it's members hunt around the world, and organise training for permits.

    The club near Scunthorpe allows x-bows, photo's on the website of them in use, they will have to comply with competiton rules though.

    A lot of field archery clubs are bound over by the landowners, so they can not allow x-bows on site, or risk losing the site. My last club was like this, i had great trouble getting set up, but once the sight marks where dialled in i could go to open shoots that allowed x-bows.

    Since i last did it, a lot has changed, there is more open access (yes really) and some odd changes to bow spec, but power is a flat level any competing bow class of 300fps max, x-bows are now allowed to use optic sights as well in NFAS.

    I have the same problem again, trying to find a club, so i can get signed off as fit to shoot and allowed to open shoots.

    Oh did i mention don't mention anything about hunting, and really don't turn up in camo gear to anything target or field club on your first vist some clubs really don't like that...
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