I myself cringe a bit saying what im about to say,because i personaly dont like talking about people as "races"
But reality is there are diffetent races on Earth.
But truth be told ,if two "races"on Earth right now who are a problem,a danger to every other "races"
Its not the British,not Americans,not Asians,Blacks,Russias ect
is MUSLIMS and JEWISH ...NOT. just the "jews" not just "Muslims"
Even tho they are surpose to be at war together for...how long now?
And have the world notest we are all,or have been getting dragged into it?
If the murder of the "jews"in world war two didnot happen,but what was happening
now in the middle east,would Americans be so quick to "defend" Israel?
or would they very wisely,stay out of it,? maybe,but if the American home land was under threat
they would attack its attackers in the middle east to defend its self.of course!
But who has REALY attack you? Muslims?or Jews?
i try get in talks with church leaders of all stripes in Australia ,they all after a few hours of talking with
me...seem to get scared !because no matter what ,how,when ,what they say
I answer eleven fold with facts and quistions that...leaves them
"Confused,even angry ...so mutch for the "peace side of it"lol...
in fact ive put some very so called smart people in my country to
utterfull ,shamefull ,confuseshion...so ..one liners,and pointing out
my misstakes..ill only turn it back on you.
by telling the TRUTH....and a lot of people dont like that
brings out the devil in em!
And look right into their eyes...and they seem to "sence"something!
Or smell something...maybe bullshit?...or maybe thats what i can smell
come'n off of them?