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Thread: Primos Blackout game cam

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    Default Primos Blackout game cam

    I recently bought a new Primos Truth Cam Blackout CR [close range], model 63037. The reason I chose this particular camera was because I didn't want to see any more deer spooked by the red glow of the emitters on my old [WGI] cam, or get pix of deer staring into it.
    Some of the other reasons were, it is easy to program [slide switches], and stamps the moon phase, temperature date and time on the image. It also has a hole going through it so that you can secure it with a cable lock. It seemed very well thought out.
    After using it for a week, it began to record video that it could not or would not play. After that, it would record what I could best describe as "false" or "phantom" files that wouldn't play, then It began to refuse to even recognize that it had an SD card in it, and refused to record anything at all.
    I took it back to Wal-Mart where I bought it, and to their credit, they exchanged it for another. This morning I checked it to find that it had 32 30 second video clips recorded, so I pulled the SD card and came home to watch. Fully 1/3 of the videos would not open or play.
    Now, I know that anyone could possibly let a defective unit slip through, but after having 2, I can see a pattern forming. We all worry about our game cams getting stolen, but after having 2 of these, I'm convinced that most thieves will bring them back to you out of sheer frustration!
    So here I am 30 days til season opener, running out of scouting time. It looks to me that the best option is to see if Wal-Mart will take this one back also so I can get another cam of another make before season. If Wal-Mart won't take it back [I don't blame them, they didn't make the thing], then I will try to pursue a remedy through Primos; not likely I'll have this done by opener though.
    Bottom line is this: If you value the time it takes to scout; time it takes to set out and monitor your cams; If you value your money [this cost $129], I would suggest you consider some other make of camera. It may well be that Primos made good cams in the past, and may again someday, but I'm done with Primos until I see a LOT of positive reviews by owners who have had them a while before I will buy another Primos product. Including some screen snips of what you can expect to see with a Primos Truth Cam Blackout CR. One of the snips shows a musical note instead of a video clip, apparently the thing thought it was playing an MP3! Don't waste your money.

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    It is also possible that you do not have the correct codex so that the player can open them.
    What is the file ending { .***} name?
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