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Thread: TASCO 3-9x50 EG Scope ( Red & Green Crosshair Illuminated)

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    Default TASCO 3-9x50 EG Scope ( Red & Green Crosshair Illuminated)

    This is connected with mine previous post named Bushnell 3-9x40 E Scope

    So here is the closest link What i buy today. During last week i found some person who sell scopes on some local internet site here in Skopje, Macedonia. First i was thinking about the some model of Bushnell 3-9x40E and 3-9x40EG, (which one there is no on official Bushnell site). Also other model which one is nearly the sam as Bushnell was Tasco 3-9x50EG; 3-9x50EG, Actually i think all of them are the same. Nearly same producer but only the different name. There are the models everywhere on the net.
    After i received 2 of them as example to choose one to buy normally. They have a clear view, very nice RG scale from one to 5, what astonished me at all was the brightness of the lenses. When i compare them with mine Norica 3-9x40 model this is excelent. Before i was not sure i just say lets see. So after 15-20 min examining i liked the model. Price was near 45 EURO.
    Little expensive maybe here in Skopje but when you can not found nothing this is good. I installed before 1 hour on mine crossbow. I hope i make a good choice between all this garbage they sell here. During the weekend i will have time for zeroing and i will add more, with pictures...

    THX on your time men.
    Best Regards!

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