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Thread: Barnett vs. Parker

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    Default Barnett vs. Parker

    Hi everyone! I am new here and new to crossbows,

    Due to a shoulder injury I can no longer shoot my bow soo,

    I have been looking around at cross bows and come to the following two and I am looking for some knowlage from all of you.

    First at bat,

    Barnett Penetrator $450 Cabelas 1 hour away
    I like the look of this bow, the axle to axle length seems shorter. But I am suspect of Barnett they seem to, "whore them selves out" to anyone who will sell them.

    Second find,

    Last years Parker Buckbuster 175 $425 local shop.

    I really like the Parker because it is made here and has a great waranty, also I am spending money in my town. seems like it is well built.

    So what do you all have to say? Which is the bettter bow / deal?

    Thanks for you help!

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    don't know anything about barnett but I have last years buckbuster 175 and love it. Also Parker has lifetime warranty, I doubt Barnett does.

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