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    Hello all,i am still doing these very unique and highly different kind of crossbow's and would like to say that limb failure's are now a thing of the past with this system being mechanical with no flexing so no fatigue or limb failure's at all so no more worrie's concerning limb failure's along with ultra quetness in operation and with fully adjustable speed and power here are the spec's.Overall Length 42". Width 17". axial to axial uncock'ed. Weight 7.5 lb's. Powerstroke 19.5". Draw weight's adjustable from 200lbs-400lbs speed from 300-480 fps with a 400 grn arrow.Trigger pull from 2-5lbs and made from Formula One spec racing Magnesium and Titanium the very finest material's available today with beautiful wood or synthetic grip's and dipped in a Realtree pattern of your choice.Can be left cock'ed with no more worrie's of blowing up or any other failure's at all and with a full lifetime warranty.For more info please see us on F.B or contact us at
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