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Thread: Wicked Ridge Invader

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    Default Wicked Ridge Invader

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and new to crossbows, but not new to bowhunting. Three shoulder surgeries forced me to get a crossbow or give up bowhunting.

    After some research I decided to get the wicked ridge invader package. I am quite surprised at how accurate the crossbow is out to 40 yds. My self imposed limit used to be 25-30 yds with my matthews but now I'm confident that I can take an animal at 40 yds with no problem.

    I haven't shot at 50yds yet and until I do I'll stick with a 40yd max. The bow is noisier than a compound so I added string leechs and two sims quad split limb silencers, which seemed to quiet it down a lot.

    The red dot sight that came with it is very good also. My first shot at 10 yds was 1.5" left of the 2"bull that I was shooting at. The height was right on at ten so I left it alone. After 10 clicks right, my next shot at 20 was right on. I shot at 30 and 40 using the corresponding dots and they were right on also.

    The built in rope cocking device was the way to go. I get consistent string placement every time and the rope tucks neatly away in the stock.

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    Welcome to the forum. I've heard very good things about the Wicked Ridge crossbows. Yours is another in a string of very positive reviews. I had to go to a crossbow because of some issues with my neck, and i have to say it's a lot of fun. good luck to you this season!!!

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    Default Welcome

    I to have just joined the crossbow forum.. after 15+ yrs of bowhunting. my right shoulder gave out .. I just purchased the WickedRidge Invader package.
    A dozen bolts , broadheads, ECT. I am back in the timber, and couldnt be happier.. Tonight 3 slick heads came in only 12 yrds out. I let them pass. the first day of archery season here. As the weather turns I am sure the bucks will come.

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