View Full Version : close encounter

10-19-2009, 10:50 AM
I got a text message while in the stand and decided to answer. I put down my bow read the text and just as I was about to answer I heard a noise. I small doe coming out of woods on the power line headed right to me. No bow in hand reading glasses on and a phone, dont think I can take a deer with the phone. She came right under my stand, must of got my scent jumped and ran about 20 yards in the thick woods. I was able to get my bow and she started back towards me. She gave me a 20 yard broadside but to many branches glasses fogged up, then oh no moved directly down wind which the place she was at is not a normal place to be so I thought the wind was good. It was if I didnt have a phone in my hand when she came my way. She made a kind of unsure blow trying to see me and left. I dont hunt that stand much and now wont for awhile. Hunter2:)