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12-06-2010, 06:58 AM
Dear Member's

I'm totally new in this job. Before a month i buy mine first crossbow. Before i was a big fun of air rifles. Here in mine country hunting with crossbow is actually forbidden, so i use him only for target practicing. Because I'm new in this can someone give me some note did i buy a good thing. Because in Macedonia there is no such a big choice of products. So i buy this type for some 180USD.. Here is the specification:


Key Specifications/Special Features:
Weight: 2.2 kg (4.84lbs)
Length: 29-1/2 inches
String length: 26-1/2 inches
Axle to axle: 26 inches
Draw weight: 150 lbs
Limb: compression molded fiberglass
Barrel: aluminum alloy
Stock: plastic
Speed: 210 feet/sec.
Packing: 5pcs/ctn, 5.5cu'ft, G.W.:16.5kgs
Suggested bolt: 2018-16"/2219-16"

regarding to the sellers here, this is good product. Normally its not Barnett, but here the Barnett model from 2006 cost near 900USD, and i think this is too much for a beginner like me. Actually I'm very satisfied with him. Its good for the budget.

Most of mine question are connected with string. Here there is no original Barnett or Excalibur wax, so regarding the seller i use hair wax. I think it give good lubrication. Also ill be very grateful if someone can give me some free suggestions or advices regarding the maintenance of the crossbow. Also i want to put on him a normal scope from air rifle. I have one spare, That is a model Norica 3-9x40, pls can i use it...It will be good if i can....

Best regards of all members and thx....:):):)

12-14-2010, 09:41 PM
Welcome to the forum!
I tried to do some research on your crossbow and found
the manufacturers site but no distributors so i cant tell if you got a
good deal.You probably could have got a better deal in Can. U.S but
with shipping charges and other beaurocratic crap you may be better
with what you have. If your just using it for target practice it will work
great. Make sure you always keep your string and serving waxed. It
will help keep abrasive dust from getting in the bowstring and causing
premature wear. Yes you can use your scope on the bow if the scope
rings match the sight rail. But you only have the one cross hair and your
bow is relatively slow so your holdover And under would be way up and
down on your scopes vertical crosshair. You might be better off with
a red dot multi-retical. Also it looks like a easy bow to cock by hand
if you dont have a rope cocker.(recomended for accuracy) Take a
white permanent marker and make a small mark on the center string
serving where the serving meets the rail on each side. That way when
you cock it by hand you can see if the string is still straight after cocking.
Try to get or make a target thet will stop your arrows before the fletching
hits the target. Hope this helps a little bit. Feel free to ask any questions
there is always someone that will help you out. You would be better
off asking your questions on the crossbow hunting forum located higher
up the list on home page.
Happy shootin

12-14-2010, 09:52 PM
You have a friend here now.:) Feel free to p.m me any time!